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Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui text logo with small Maui symbol and flower with red, yellow, green, blue, pink logo for girls fashion made on Maui.



Baby Blue is a little girls’ clothing line created by Pamela Winans of Cool Blue Maui.

Pamela's love for sewing began when she was 8 years old—hand making tiny clothes for her Barbie dolls. Pamela is self taught and took sewing design and construction courses at Maui Community College to refine her abilities. Her portfolio contains everything from bikinis featured in 10 years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions to wedding gowns, prom dresses, and elaborate halloween costumes.

The Baby Blue fashion line was born in 1990 when Pamela couldn’t find any cute swimsuits for her 1 year old niece (Emma)... so naturally she began making and selling her own little girls swimwear and activewear. Pamela's nieces, Emma & Charlotte (who are now in their late twenties), are the inspiration behind the Baby Blue fashion line. It all started with the need for a cute swimsuit... which has now evolved into the dresses you see today.


For over 27 years Pamela sold girls swimwear and these bright & colorful limited-edition, 100% locally made dresses at Maui’s Swap Meet. Now retired from the Maui Swap Meet, Pamela is excited to share Baby Blue with the world!


Cool Blue Maui believes in encouraging girls and young women to follow their bliss, know their own strength & abilities, and live a life of creative learning & empowerment.

Like the teachings of Montessori, Pamela believes that children learn best when the environment supports their natural desires to acquire skills and knowledge.

Baby Blue's "one-of-a-kind" high-quality fashion line is centered around kids being able to easily dress themselves and make their own fun fashion choices.

Five girls, wearing haku lei flower head crowns, are dressed in light pink, green and yellow pastel floral Twirling Dresses made by Cool Blue Maui, sit and smile at an outside tea party.
Look cute. Have fun. Be powerful. Be creative!

Girls Swimwear will return . . . stay tuned!

Baby Blue by Cool Blue Maui circle logo with a butterfly symbol and red, yellow, green, blue, pink logo for island inspired girls’ dresses made on Maui.

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